Dura Products

2 Year Maintenance Program


Included with Purchase of Any New Dura Products AG Transfer System
(covers annual diagnostic test, cleaning and winterization)


1) Customer purchases new Dura Products system.

2) Customer notifies Dura Products they would like equipment serviced under Maintenance Program.  The Maintenance Program is limited to July – December dates.

3) Dura Products provides customer with Maintenance Return Goods Authorization (MRGA) that is to accompany the equipment shipped for service.

4) Customer ships equipment pre-paid to Dura Products following the instructions on the MRGA.

5) Dura Products provides service to the equipment and notifies customer of findings.  The equipment is shipped back to the customer.  Customer is responsible for all shipping and any customer approved non-warranty parts.


Q. How do I know if the Maintenance Program is still valid?

There is a Dura Products decal on your equipment with the month and year of purchase denoted. If the month and date falls within a two year period of the current date then the Maintenance Program is valid.

Q. Why is the Maintenance Program only able to be utilized during the months of July through December?

This is the best time to evaluate and winterize equipment so that it is ready for spring season. In season service will be billed at standard rates.

Q.  Why do I need a Maintenance Return Goods Authorization?

The Maintenance Return Goods Authorization (MRGA) provides the customer instructions on shipping. It also ensures Dura Products proper tracking of the customers’ equipment.

Q. What expense will I incur with the Maintenance Program?

The only expense to the customer is the cost of shipping the equipment to and from Dura Products. All labor and shop supplies are provided free under the Maintenance Program.

Q. What is customer approved non-warranty parts?

These are parts that are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that is required for the equipment to perform at the manufacturers specifications. Replacement parts will be communicated and approved by the customer before repairs are made.

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