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Dura Load Station in the Field

May 15, 2016
Posted by Dura123
Dura Load Station
Kyle Boone uses a Dura Load Station to increase the acreage that he can spray in one day. One extra field a day makes the machine pay for itself.

A satisfied user of the Dura-Load station is using his machine to more efficiently run his spraying operation. Kyle Boone, of Boone Farms, recently wrote in to us to express his delight at the ease of use and speed of his Dura-Load Station.  Kyle has his nurse truck outfitted with a 5000 gallon water tank a 275 gallon IBC of Glyphosate, and various other dry-flowables and 2 gallon jugs.  By utilizing the system, Kyle was able to cut his sprayer time in half and increase his accuracy by switching to the Dura-meter liquid flow-meter.

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