Dura Products

Tour of Dura Products Facility – Meter and Pump Manufacturer in America’s Heartland



Dura Products is an Indiana-based meter and pump manufacturer of state-of-the-art ag chemical equipment including metering, pumping and dispensing systems. We manufacture all of our products in America’s heartland and sell them globally through an extensive network of distributors.

The company was founded by owners with decades of knowledge and experience in farming and the chemical sales industry. Dura Products prides itself on innovative, versatile and durable designs with the end customer always in mind.


Our innovative product line began with our versatile Dura-Meter™ and self-priming diaphragm Dura-Pump™ with internal by-pass. Since then, we have expanded our product line to include some of the industry’s most reliable, efficient and cost-effective agriculturalturf and DEF products available today.


New Products in our line-up this year:


  • NEW: Dura-ABS™ DI Automated Direct Injection System
    The Dura Auto-Batch System DI works by direct injecting herbicides into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer. It reduces sprayer load time by up to 80%, keeping you and your sprayer in the field. This cost effective solution to automation means you don’t have to mortgage the farm to optimize your filling process.
  • NEW: Dura-ABV™-B Auto-Batch Valve
    Automation made easy is behind Dura Products’ new Dura-ABV™-B Auto-Batch Valve w/Banjo Connector. We’ve teamed with Banjo’s EVX®100B to create a simple, smart and economical way to automate your venturi-driven chemical handling system.
  • NEW: Dura-AB™ Dura Meter with Auto-Batch (only for use with Dura Products pump)
    The intuitive interface on the AB Meter allows for the selection of manual or automatic operation with the flip of a switch.


Today, farmers and agricultural and DEF retailers alike, trust Dura Products to deliver a brand that is centered on innovation, quality design and reliable performance. Dura Products – Technology with Lasting Value!

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