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Dura-ABV™ Auto-Batch Herbicide Meter
Automation Made Easy 

Automate your Ag Chemical Mixing System with the Dura-ABV™-B herbicide meter and Banjo EVX

  • Simple: Join factory installed electric connectors
  • Smart: Eliminates operator error and herbicide exposure
  • Economical: Consists of a Dura-ABV™ and Banjo EVX® Valve
  • Video available at: https://duraproducts.com/dura-abv/


How It Works

1  Select the volume desired

2  Press START

3  Banjo EVX® Valve will open, fluid is measured and valve automatically closes upon completion


The DURA-ABV™-B Auto-Batch Meter connects with the BANJO EVX® 100B  for Automation Made Easy.  Ideally suited with venturi driven ag chemical mixing systems, the DURA-ABV™-B Auto-Batch Meter is available in NPT or Manifold.  Can be sold as a complete system or individually priced.  Automate your chemical transfer system in a way that Simple, Smart, and Economical.  Simply join the factory installed electric connectors, then plumb the valve to the Auto-Batch.  This smart solution offers real-time valve LED performance feedback and inventory management.  The female NPT and manifold flange connections offer plumbing options.  Save up to five calibrations and measure in gallons, liters, and ounces.  Economical solution requires on sophisticated wiring, PLC or plumbing and multiple units can be used in manifold application.  Meter features a back-lit LCD Display.

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