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Dura-Pump™ Top Unload with Dura-Pump™ Ag Pump

The Dura-Pump™ Top Unload with Dura-Pump™ Ag Pump is a top mount application with 2″ NPT Bung and 1″ telescoping downtube.  It works with varying tank heights.  The system also includes a 2-year Warranty and Maintenance Program.

The Dura-Pump™ Top Unload System comes with a 12 Volt or 110 Volt Dura-Pump™.  The Dura-Pump™ is a high-flow ag chemical pump with up to a 18 gallons per minute flow-rate.  It is a self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass and a 30-minute duty cycle.  Its motor is thermally protected, so it won’t overheat and the suction port has 2″ Male and 1″ Female NPT.  Dura Products designed the Dura-Pump™ to be easily field serviceable with readily available replacement parts.

The Dura-Pump™ Top Unload System is available with or without a Dura-Meter™.  The Dura-Meter™ is made of impact resistant Lexan faceplate and 100% moisture-sealed circuitry. Its menu driven backlit display makes the Dura-Meter™ easy to read in all light conditions.  Use the Dura-Meter™ in both in-line and 90-degree applications.

/ Top mount application with 2” NPT  bung, 1” telescoping downtube to accommodate varying tank heights

/ Includes a 2-year Warranty & Maintenance Program

Top Unload Assembly Instructions

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