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Dura Down Under with Burando Hill

February 27, 2017
Posted by Dura123

Burando Hill

Machinery distributor Burando Hill has been appointed Australian distributors for Dura-Products and their new automated dispensing system.

The Dura-ABS (Auto-batch system) is manufactured in Indiana, US, by Dura Products, and claims it is the only transfer system offering an accurate automated dispensing option of its kind.

The robust and 100% water-proof Dura-Meter essentially is a quality flow meter with simple calibration procedures, integrated with a high-flow pump which operates off a 12-volt battery.

The pump complete with Viton seals, comes with a 3.5 metre (12ft) delivery and 1.5 metre (5ft) suction hose that is connected to the chemical container and to the Dura-Meter. The chemical passes through the flow meter which is a battery powered LCD display completely waterproof, and ready for the toughest conditions. The Dura-ABS meter has an intuitive interface that allows for manual or automatic operation at the flick of a switch, with the high-flow pump able to operate at flow rates up to 56 litres a minute.

Simply calibrate the liquid (memory recall of 5 products) select the volume required, press the start button and dispensing is activated with automatic shut-off when the set volume is reached.

The Dura-Meter also has a memory function and returns to the last volume amount dispensed.

The Dura-Pump is purpose-built in a portable “easy caddy” which can easily attach to the side, or mounted on top of a chemical shuttle. The Dura-Pump can also suit the top mounting onto an enviro-drum or similar containers.

Its main use in WA is seen as a fail-safe system for accurately creating tank mixes for spray or in-furrow operations.

Multiple units can be engaged to dispense, like fungicide, herbicide and trace elements into one batch with precise rates manually recorded into the Dura-ABS meter.

Once rates have been set, it becomes a “set-and-forget” automatic operation, shutting down when rates have been dispensed.

“We think this will be readily accepted by the Australian market,” Burando Hill managing director Peter Coldwell said. “The fact that it is a rugged unit and the circuitry is 100 per cent moisture-sealed also is a big plus.

“We are on the verge of a lot of interest in chemical brews and this system really takes away a lot of the human error, worry and physical labour involved.

The Dura-Meters are chemical-resistant and Dura Products claims a metering accuracy of +/- .5 per cent.

This quality product comes with a two year warranty.


For more information and availability contact;

Burando Hill

Katanning 98214422

Geraldton 99647822

Wangaratta 0458214422

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