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Chemical Recirculation

November 3, 2021
Posted by Dura123

With input shortages and high prices, you want to make sure you get the best possible performance out of your chemicals.  Many pesticides that have multiple active ingredients and some that only have one active ingredient will require chemical recirculation.  Any pesticide formulation that contains atrazine will call for recirculation.  Pesticide formulations may have built-in spray adjuvants or other additives designed to help the active ingredients mix with the spray carrier.  ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LABEL; products will vary in the label language with regards to recirculation requirements and recommendations. When in doubt, RECIRCULATE!


The best way to ensure that every batch that comes out of the pesticide container is equally effective on the pests and safe on the crops is to recirculate the contents thoroughly before dispensing any of the pesticide, and periodically while the container is being emptied.  When in doubt, RECIRCULATE!


Several of the “automated” sprayer loading systems on the market today are based on a venturi in the plumbing pulling in the liquid products from a source tank or are based on gravity flow into an inductor cone or batch tank.  Neither allows for chemical recirculation or proper mixing of the pesticide product.


The Dura-DI direct injection system has the ability to recirculate built into its design.  Each DI system kit comes with a three-way valve.  In one position, the liquid flow from the pump is injected into the carrier stream.  In the second position, the flow is directed to a 1” camlock adapter that can be utilized for calibrating the meter or for recirculating the pesticide.


Click here for more information on the Dura-DI Direct Injection System

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