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Dura Auto-Batch System

March 20, 2017
Posted by Dura123

Auto-Batch System™

We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, the DURA-ABS™ (Auto-Batch System ™). The DURA-ABS™ is shipping out all over the country. And we are hearing great feedback from users all of sorts.  The response is even better than we had hoped.  For those that haven’t yet tried the system, demo units can be found at all stocking distributors.

Our system combines the popular Dura-Meter and high flow Dura-Pump into a simple and small unit where an amount can be entered and automatically dispensed. The operation is simple; Select the volume desires, press start, the pump will begin dispensing the assigned amount and turn off when completed.  The system is optimized for repeatable batching always returning the last volume dispensed upon completion.  With the flip of a switch, you can return to manual mode where settings like calibrations are found.

The ease of use of this system allows for hands free operation and allows the user the pay attention elsewhere.  You can use one unit by itself, or combine multiple systems to create a more advanced chemical dispensing operation.  No longer are you tied to the end of hose waiting to shut of valve off.  With the included check valve, once the pump is turned off by the electronics, the flow of liquid stops.

We see this system being perfect for chemical retail locations like CPS, Helena Chemical, Wilbur-Ellis, etc.  Tender or nurse trucks will also see a great benefit with this system by improving sprayer load efficiency and speed. In addition, We know the applications of the Auto-Batch System™ are endless, and look forward to all the creative utilizations of our innovative systems.

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