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Dura Products 2-Year Maintenance Program


Customer satisfaction is a priority. Under our 2-Year Maintenance Program, we’ll accept your DURA Product
within two years of the manufactured date, and we’ll make sure it preforms just like new.


Q. What equipment is eligible?

• Dura Products manufactured Dura-Pumps and Dura-Meters

• Equipment within 2 years of the manufacture date

Q. What time frame does the program run?

• Items must be shipped in from July 1st through December 31st

Q. What services are included in the program?

• Pumps and/or meters will be triple rinsed to avoid Cross Contamination

• Equipment will be disassembled.  Seals, Gaskets and all internal components evaluated

• Pumps and/or meters will be performance tested

• Parts under warranty will be replaced at no charge

• Parts NOT under warranty (ex: broken housing, damaged parts, chemical compatibility issues, cut cord, etc.) will be replaced and billed to the End User.

• No labor charges are applied

• End User is responsible for all shipping charges

Q. How the program process works?

• End User calls/emails Dura Products for Maintenance Returns Goods Authorization (MRGA) Number

• End User completes MRGA with contact information & item list for maintenance

• End User ships MRGA & Items to Dura Products per instructions on MRGA

• End User will be notified by Dura Products of all findings associated with equipment

• Dura Products will ship items back to End User

• Dura Products will bill End User for any non-warranty items and shipping costs


 MRGA Document Link

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