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Maintenance Program Now Open!

August 5, 2021
Posted by Dura123

Dura-Products’ 2-Year Maintenance Program is Now Open!

Now that planting season has wrapped up, summer and fall is the perfect time to get your equipment ready for next season.  If you have Dura Products pumps or meters that are less than two years from their manufacture date, be sure to take advantage of our industry leading equipment Maintenance Program.

What is the Equipment Maintenance Program?

The 2-Year Maintenance Program allows you to send in your eligible equipment and our service technicians will clean it up and make sure it performs just like new so you can hit the ground running next season.  First, we will triple rinse your pumps and meters to avoid cross contamination.  Then equipment is disassembled and all seals, gaskets and components are evaluated.  All equipment is performance tested and any parts needing to be replaced, will be replaced at no charge if they are under warranty.  For any parts not under warranty (for example a broken housing from over tightening, issues caused by chemical compatibility problems, cut cords, etc.) will be replaced and billed, but you will only be billed for the parts.  Labor is provided at no cost.  You cover the shipping charges.

What equipment is eligible?

All Dura Products manufactured Dura-Pumps and Dura-Meters with in 2 years of the manufacture date.

How do you take advantage of the Equipment Maintenance Program?

Call Dura Products at 317-984-4003 or email and request a Maintenance Returned Goods Authorization Form (MRGA).  We will email you your MRGA which includes shipping and packaging instructions.  Send in your equipment and we will evaluate it and contact you with our technician’s findings, perform the repairs and ship your equipment back to you all cleaned up and ready for next season.

When can you send in your equipment?

The Maintenance Program is open from July 1st to December 31st.

Please call us at 317-984-4003 with any questions.

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