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Tackling the Rising Cost of Herbicide

September 21, 2021
Posted by Dura123

A recent article from details the ever increasing cost of fighting weeds.  According to recent data cited in the piece, over the last decade the cost of herbicide for corn has risen about $15 per acre.  The number is closer to $30 per acre for soy beans.  Bob Hartzler, retired Extension weed specialist for Iowa State, says, “The cost of controlling weeds is increasing much more rapidly than other production costs.  If you look at soybeans in the last 10 years, the herbicide costs have basically doubled but if you look at the percent of total expenses for producing that crop, it’s more than doubled.”


So what can growers do to tackle the rising costs of herbicide?  You can’t control the cost of herbicide, nor can you simply decide not to do weed control.  There are, however, measures growers can take to keep their herbicide costs down by getting the most out of their inputs.  These measures include reducing waste, accurately measuring your prescriptions to optimize results, and recirculating your chemicals to maximize performance.


The Dura-ABS Automated Direct Injection System (DI) accomplishes all of these cost-reducing strategies at a fraction of the cost of other sprayer filling systems on the market.  The DI accurately dispenses repeatable batches, eliminating waste and ensuring a precise chemical mixture.  The DI is the ONLY spray tender system that allows for recirculation so your herbicides perform as intended.  Take a look at our Competitive Comparison chart below to see why the DI is the best option on the market for filling your sprayer and saving you time and money.




For more information on the Dura-ABS Automated Direct Injection system, click here or call us at 317-984-4003.  You can use our distributor locator here to find a distributor near you.

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