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DURA-ABS™ DI Direct Injection Return On Investment – Low Cost Sprayer Loading System


Calculate your own Additional Spraying Capacity with the

DURA-ABS™ DI Direct Injection low cost sprayer loading system


Additional Spraying Capacity per Day Woodward Farm Savings Your Savings
System Sprayer Fill Time (mins   20 mins
DURA-ABS DI Sprayer Fill Time (mins     –   6.25   6.25
Minutes Saved per Fill    =   13.75
Fills per Day    x   5
Minutes Saved per Day    =   68.75 mins
Acres Sprayed per Hour   100.00 ac
Additional Capacity per Day*   115.00 ac
Chemical Application Rate / Acre**    x   6.69
Spraying Days    x   9.–0
Savings After 9 Spraying Days    =  $ 6.924.15   $

*minutes saved per day / 60 x acres sprayerd per hour

**2017 Indiana Farm Custom Rates (Purdue University)

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