Sprayer Filling System Demo Video – Dura-ABS DI Infield Demo Video 


Sprayer Filling System Demo Video – Dura-ABS DI Infield Demo Video Narration


Welcome to a field demonstration of the DURA Auto-Batch Direct Inject System. The Dura Auto-Batch System DI works by direct injecting herbicides simultaneously into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer. For this demonstration, Woodward farms will fill a Hagie 1200-gallon capacity sprayer. The Dura-ABS DI will direct inject 27.5 gallons of Atrazine, 20.5 gallons of Durango DMA, and 20.5 gallons of Class Act NG. A 1-gallon jug of Callisto, a 1-gallon jug of Zidua SC, and a 2.5 gallon jug of Interlock also will be introduced through the venturi system.   Automating and upgrading the fill process with the Dura ABS DI reduced sprayer load time by up to 80%.  Maximizing field productivity with the DI system is a cost-effective solution to a complex problem and has a quick return on investment.


The Dura ABS Direct Injection System is easy to use. Select the volume desired on the meter, press start, and the automated direct injection system begins to accurately dispense the chemical into the carrier flow.  The pump automatically shut off upon completion.  The DI System is an easy one-man operation that allows the operator to multitask during filling process.


The Dura ABS Direct Injection System is the only automated system on the market that provides for recirculation of the bulk herbicides, maximizing chemical performance.   The DI System is offered in a quantity of up to 4 Auto-Batch Systems, with either a 2- or 3-inch plumbing configuration.  It can easily be plumbed with an induction cone to provide for a complete fill system for bulk and packaged products.  The DI System dispenses repeatable batches within 0.5% accuracy, so it eliminates concerns of cross contamination, and reduces operator error and chemical exposure.


In addition to the improved operational efficiencies of the Dura Auto Batch direct injection system it is also the lowest cost automated chemical mixing system on the market.  In terms of investment, the Dura-ABS™ DI gives you a high return. Dura’s DI maximizes efficiency for narrow application windows by reducing your load time by up to 80%.  Increase the capacity of your existing equipment and get the most out of your labor and machinery costs.


Don’t mortgage the farm to automate your filling process!


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