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Dura-PROfill™ – Turf Sprayer Fill System Video Transcript


This is an all-too-common scene:  unintentional filling spills, production inefficiencies, and undesirable images of professionalism and stewardship.

Finally, there is a way to safely and efficiently, fill your sprayer.  New from dura products:  the bolt on Dura PROfill™ aftermarket accessory kit that can be installed on various sprayers, is designed for the professional.

Protection:  Applicator and environment are protected from chemical exposure by a singular fill point with closed system connection, yielding a drip free transfer.

Productivity:  A high flow Dura-Pump™ and singular fill point provides faster fill times and efficiencies.  The applicator can multi-task without concern of environmental or personal herbicide exposure.

Proficient:  The system is designed to recirculate product with ease inside the supply tank.  Recirculation ensures optimal mixture for the best application each, and every time.

Professional:  A closed fill system is the hallmark of good stewardship compliance and the epitome of professionalism.  Responsible business practices and a professional image pays dividends through customer retention and referrals.

To learn more visit DuraProducts.com to find a distributor near you!

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